Liza Jane – Davie Jones with the King Bees
5 June 1964
Vocalion Pop ‎V.9221
Liza Jane single – United Kingdom
I Pity The Fool – The Manish Boys
5 March 1965
Parlophone R 5250
I Pity The Fool single – United Kingdom
You’ve Got A Habit Of Leaving – Davy Jones
20 August 1965
Parlophone ‎R 5315
You've Got A Habit Of Leaving single – United Kingdom
Can’t Help Thinking About Me – David Bowie with The Lower Third
14 January 1966
Pye 7N 17020
Can't Help Thinking About Me single – United Kingdom
Do Anything You Say
1 April 1966
Pye 7N 17079
Do Anything You Say single – United Kingdom
I Dig Everything
19 August 1966
Pye 7N 17157
I Dig Everything single – United Kingdom
Rubber Band
2 December 1966
Deram DM 107
Rubber Band single – United Kingdom
The Laughing Gnome
14 April 1967
Deram ‎DM 123
The Laughing Gnome single – United Kingdom
Love You Till Tuesday
14 July 1967
Deram DM 135
Love You Till Tuesday single – United Kingdom
Space Oddity
11 July 1969
Philips BF 1801 / 304 201 BF
Space Oddity single – United Kingdom
The Prettiest Star
6 March 1970
Mercury MF 1135
The Prettiest Star single – United Kingdom
Memory Of A Free Festival
12 June 1970
Mercury 6052 026
‘Memory Of A Free Festival’ Part 1
‘Memory Of A Free Festival’ Part 2
Memory Of A Free Festival single – United Kingdom
Holy Holy
15 January 1971
Mercury 6052 049
Holy Holy single – United Kingdom
Moonage Daydream – The Arnold Corns
7 May 1971
B&C CB 149
Moonage Daydream single (The Arnold Corns) – United Kingdom
Hang On To Yourself – The Arnold Corns
11 August 1972
B&C CB 189
Hang On To Yourself single (Arnold Corns) – United Kingdom
7 January 1972
RCA 2160
Changes single – United Kingdom
28 Apr 1972
RCA 2199
Starman single – United Kingdom
John, I’m Only Dancing
1 September 1972
RCA 2263
John, I'm Only Dancing single – United Kingdom
The Jean Genie
24 November 1972
RCA 2302
The Jean Genie single – United Kingdom
Drive-In Saturday
6 April 1973
RCA 2352
Drive-In Saturday single – United Kingdom
Life On Mars?
22 June 1973
RCA 2316
Life On Mars? single – United Kingdom
12 October 1973
RCA 2424
Sorrow single – United Kingdom
Rebel Rebel
15 February 1974
Rebel Rebel single – United Kingdom
Rock ‘N’ Roll Suicide
11 April 1974
Rock 'N' Roll Suicide single – United Kingdom
Diamond Dogs
14 June 1974
Diamond Dogs single – United Kingdom
Knock On Wood
September 1974
RCA 2466
Knock On Wood single – United Kingdom
Young Americans
21 February 1975
RCA 2523
Young Americans single – United Kingdom
25 July 1975
RCA 2579
Fame single – United Kingdom
Golden Years
17 November 1975
RCA 2640
Golden Years single – United Kingdom
TVC 15
30 April 1976
RCA 2682
TVC 15 single – United Kingdom
Suffragette City
9 July 1976
RCA 2726
Suffragette City single – United Kingdom
Sound And Vision
11 February 1977
RCA PB 0905
Sound And Vision single – United Kingdom
Be My Wife
17 June 1977
RCA PB 1017
Be My Wife single – United Kingdom
23 September 1977
RCA PB 1121
"Heroes" single – United Kingdom
Beauty And The Beast
6 January 1978
RCA PB 1190
Beauty And The Beast single – United Kingdom
Breaking Glass
17 November 1978
Breaking Glass single – United Kingdom
Boys Keep Swinging
27 April 1979
Boys Keep Swinging single – United Kingdom
29 July 1979
DJ single – United Kingdom
John, I’m Only Dancing (Again)
7 Dec 1979
John, I'm Only Dancing (Again) single – United Kingdom
Alabama Song
15 February 1980
Alabama Song single – United Kingdom
Ashes To Ashes
8 August 1980
Ashes To Ashes single #1 – United Kingdom
24 October 1980
Fashion single – United Kingdom
Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)
2 January 1981
Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) single
Up The Hill Backwards
March 1981
Up The Hill Backwards single – United Kingdom
Under Pressure – Queen and David Bowie
26 October 1981
EMI 5250
‘Under Pressure’
‘Soul Brother’
Under Pressure – Queen & David Bowie
Wild Is The Wind
November 1981
David Bowie In Bertolt Brecht’s Baal
13 February 1982
David Bowie in Bertolt Brecht's Baal EP
Cat People (Putting Out Fire)
10 Apr 1982
MCA 770
‘Cat People (Putting Out Fire)’
‘Paul’s Theme (Jogging Chase)’ – Giorgio Moroder
Cat People (Putting Out Fire) single
Peace On Earth/Little Drummer Boy
27 November 1982
Peace On Earth/Little Drummer Boy single
Let’s Dance
14 March 1983
EMI EA 152
Let's Dance single
China Girl
31 May 1983
EMI America EA 157
China Girl single
Modern Love
EMI EA 158
Modern Love single
White Light/White Heat
November 1983
RCA 372
White Light/White Heat single
Blue Jean
1 September 1984
EMI America EA 181 (UK)
Blue Jean single
November 1984
EMI EA 187
Tonight 12" single
This Is Not America – David Bowie and Pat Metheny Group
February 1985
EMI America ‎EA 190
‘This Is Not America’
‘This Is Not America’ (instrumental)
This Is Not America single
Loving The Alien
May 1985
EMI America EA 195
‘Loving The Alien’ (Re-mixed Version)
‘Don’t Look Down’ (Re-mixed Version)
Loving The Alien single
Dancing In The Street
12 August 1985
EMI EA 204
‘Dancing In The Street’ (Clearmountain Mix)
‘Dancing In The Street’ (instrumental)
Dancing In The Street single
Absolute Beginners
3 March 1986
Virgin VS838
‘Absolute Beginners’
‘Absolute Beginners’ (Dub Mix)
Absolute Beginners single cover
9 June 1986
‘Underground’ (Instrumental)
Underground single
When The Wind Blows
27 October 1986
Virgin Records VS 906
‘When The Wind Blows’
‘When The Wind Blows’ (Instrumental)
When The Wind Blows single
Day-In Day-Out
23 March 1987
EMI America EA 230
Day-In Day-Out single
Time Will Crawl
June 1987
EMI America EA 237
Time Will Crawl single
Never Let Me Down
17 August 1987
EMI America ‎EA 239
Never Let Me Down single
Under The God – Tin Machine
June 1989
EMI USA ‎– MT 68
Under The God single (Tin Machine)
Tin Machine – Live 89
September 1989
Live 89 – Maggie's Farm/Tin Machine single (Tin Machine)
Prisoner Of Love – Tin Machine
October 1989
EMI USA ‎– MT 76
Prisoner Of Love single (Tin Machine)
Fame 90
April 1990
‘Fame 90’ (Gass Mix)
‘Fame 90’ (Queen Latifah’s Rap Version)
Fame 90 single
You Belong In Rock N’ Roll – Tin Machine
August 1991
London LON 305
You Belong In Rock N' Roll single (Tin Machine)
Baby Universal – Tin Machine
October 1991
London LON 310
‘Baby Universal’
‘You Belong In Rock ‘N’ Roll’ (Extended Version)
Baby Universal single (Tin Machine)
Real Cool World
10 August 1992
Warner Bros W0127
‘Real Cool World’ (Album Edit)
‘Real Cool World’ (Instrumental Version)
Real Cool World single
Jump They Say
15 March 1993
Arista ‎74321 139427
‘Jump They Say’
‘Pallas Athena’ (Don’t Stop Praying Mix)
Jump They Say single
Black Tie White Noise
31 May 1993
Arista ‎74321 148687
‘Black Tie White Noise’ (Radio Edit)
‘You’ve Been Around’ (Dangers Remix)
Black Tie White Noise single
Miracle Goodnight
11 October 1993
Arista ‎74321 162267
‘Miracle Goodnight’
‘Looking For Lester’
Miracle Goodnight single
The Buddha Of Suburbia
22 November 1993
Arista-BMG 74321 17705 7
‘Buddha Of Suburbia’
‘Dead Against It’
The Buddha Of Suburbia single ft Lenny Kravitz
The Hearts Filthy Lesson
11 September 1995
Arista ‎74321 30338 2
‘The Hearts Filthy Lesson’ (Radio Edit)
‘I Am With Name’
‘The Hearts Filthy Lesson’ (Bowie Mix)
‘The Hearts Filthy Lesson’ (Trent Reznor Alt. Mix)
The Hearts Filthy Lesson single
Strangers When We Meet
20 November 1995
RCA 74321 329407
‘Strangers When We Meet’ (Edit)
‘The Man Who Sold The World’ (Live)
Strangers When We Meet single
Hallo Spaceboy
19 February 1996
RCA ‎74321 353842
‘Hallo Spaceboy’ (Remix)
‘Under Pressure’ (Live Version)
‘Moonage Daydream’ (Live Version)
‘The Hearts Filthy Lesson’ (Radio Edit)
Hallo Spaceboy CD single
Telling Lies
4 November 1996
RCA ‎74321 397412
‘Telling Lies’ (Feelgood Mix)
‘Telling Lies’ (Paradox Mix)
‘Telling Lies’ (Adam F Mix)
Telling Lies single
Little Wonder
27 January 1997
RCA 74321452072
CD 1:
‘Little Wonder’ (edit)
‘Little Wonder’ (Ambient Junior Mix)
‘Little Wonder’ (Club Dub Junior Mix)
‘Little Wonder’ (4/4 Junior Mix)
‘Little Wonder’ (Juniors Club Instrumental)

CD 2:
‘Little Wonder'(edit)
‘Telling Lies’ (Adam F Mix)
‘Jump They Say’ (Leftfield 12″ Vocal Mix)
‘Little Wonder’ (Danny Saber Mix)

Little Wonder single
Dead Man Walking
14 April 1997
RCA 74321 47584 2
RCA 74321 47585 2
CD 1:
‘Dead Man Walking’ (Single edit)
‘I’m Deranged’ (Jungle mix)
‘The Hearts Filthy Lesson’ (Good Karma mix)

CD 2:
‘Dead Man Walking’ (Album version)
‘Dead Man Walking’ (Moby mix 1)
‘Dead Man Walking’ (House mix)
‘Dead Man Walking’ (This One’s Not Dead Yet Remix)

Dead Man Walking single
Seven Years In Tibet
18 August 1997
Arista ‎74321 512562
‘Seven Years In Tibet’ (Edit)
‘Seven Years In Tibet’ (Mandarin Version)
Seven Years In Tibet single
Pallas Athena – Tao Jones Index
26 August 1997
BMG 74321 51254 1
‘Pallas Athena’ (Live)
‘V-2 Schneider’ (Live)
Pallas Athena single (Tao Jones Index)
Thursday’s Child
20 September 1999
Virgin ‎VSCDT 1753
Virgin ‎VSCDX 1753
CD 1:
‘Thursday’s Child’ (Radio Edit)
‘We All Go Through’
‘No One Calls’

CD 2:
‘Thursday’s Child’ (Rock Mix)
‘We Shall Go To Town’
‘Thursday’s Child’ (video)

Thursday's Child single
Under Pressure (Rah Mix) – Queen and David Bowie
6 December 1999
Parlophone ‎QUEENPD 28
‘Under Pressure’ (Rah Mix)
‘Bohemian Rhapsody’
Under Pressure (Rah Mix) – Queen + David Bowie
24 January 2000
EMI/Virgin Records
CD 1:
‘Survive’ (Marius De Vries mix)
‘Survive’ (Album version)
‘The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell’ (Stigmata soundtrack version)
‘Survive’ (video)

CD 2:
‘Survive’ (live)
‘Thursday’s Child’ (live)
‘Seven’ (live)
‘Survive’ (live video)

Survive single
17 July 2000
Virgin ‎VSCDT 1776
Virgin ‎VSCDX 1776
Virgin ‎VSCDXX 1776
CD 1:
‘Seven’ (Marius De Vries mix)
‘Seven’ (Beck mix)
‘Seven’ (Original demo)

CD 2:
‘Seven’ (Album version)
‘I’m Afraid Of Americans’ (Nine Inch Nails V1 mix)
‘I’m Afraid Of Americans’ (video)

CD 3:
‘Seven’ (live)
‘Something In The Air’ (live)
‘The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell’ (live)

Seven single
‘Everyone Says ‘Hi”
16 September 2002
ISO/Columbia COL 673134 2
ISO/Columbia COL 673134 3
ISO/Columbia COL 673134 5
CD 1:
‘Everyone Says ‘Hi” (Radio Edit)
‘Wood Jackson’

CD 2:
‘Everyone Says ‘Hi” (Radio Edit)
‘When The Boys Come Marching Home’
‘Shadow Man’

CD 3:
‘Everyone Says ‘Hi” (Radio Edit)
‘Baby Loves That Way’
‘You’ve Got A Habit Of Leaving’

Everyone Says 'Hi' single
Rebel Never Gets Old
ISO/Columbia 675040 7
‘Rebel Never Gets Old’ (Radio Mix)
‘Days’ (Album Version Mix)
Rebel Never Gets Old single
Where Are We Now?
8 January 2013
Where Are We Now? single artwork
The Stars (Are Out Tonight)
25 February 2013
ISO/Columbia 88883705557
‘The Stars (Are Out Tonight)’
‘Where Are We Now?’
The Stars (Are Out Tonight) single
The Next Day
17 June 2013
ISO/Coumbia 88883741287
‘The Next Day’
‘The Next Day’
The Next Day single
Valentine’s Day
19 August 2013
ISO/Columbia 88883756667
‘Valentine’s Day’
Valentine's Day single
Love Is Lost
16 December 2013
ISO/Columbia 44-102199
‘Love Is Lost’ (Hello Steve Reich Mix By James Murphy For The DFA)
‘I’d Rather Be High’ (Venetian Mix)
‘Love Is Lost’ (Hello Steve Reich Mix By James Murphy For The DFA – Edit)
Love Is Lost (Hello Steve Reich Mix by James Murphy for the DFA) single
Sue (Or In a Season Of Crime)
12 November 2014
Parlophone ‎10RDB2014
‘Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime)’
‘’Tis A Pity She Was A Whore’
‘Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime)’ (Radio Edit)
Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime) single – United Kingdom
★ (Blackstar)
19 November 2015
Blackstar single artwork
Lazarus single artwork
I Can’t Give Everything Away
6 April 2016
I Can't Give Everything Away single artwork
No Plan EP
24 February 2017
ISO/Columbia 88985419612
No Plan EP cover
Zeroes (2018)
19 July 2018
Parlophone ‎0190295614003
‘Zeroes’ (2018) (Radio Edit)
‘Beat Of Your Drum’ (2018) (Radio Edit)
Zeroes (2018) single