Did You Ever Have A Dream single – United KingdomWritten by: David Bowie
Recorded: 24 November 1966
Producer: Mike Vernon
Engineers: Gus Dudgeon

Released: 14 July 1967

Available on:
Laughing With Liza


David Bowie: vocals
Big Jim Sullivan: banjo
Derek Boyes: treated piano
Derek Fearnley: bass guitar
John Eager: drums
Unknown: trumpets
Gus Dudgeon: breaking glass

‘Did You Ever Have A Dream’ was the b-side of David Bowie’s 1967 single ‘Love You Till Tuesday’.

It was recorded at Decca Studios in north London on 24 November 1966. On the same day three songs for Bowie’s debut album were also completed: ‘There Is A Happy Land’, ‘We Are Hungry Men’, and ‘Join The Gang’.

Guesting on the recording was Big Jim Sullivan, a prolific session musician who also played sitar and guitar on ‘Join The Gang’.

An early acetate of the David Bowie album, prepared in December 1966, included several songs which were later dropped, including ‘Did You Ever Have A Dream’. Side one had the running order: ‘Uncle Arthur’, ‘Sell Me A Coat’, ‘Your Funny Smile’, ‘Did You Ever Have A Dream’, ‘There Is A Happy Land’, ‘Bunny Thing’. Side two was the same as the eventual release. Missing altogether at this stage were the songs ‘Rubber Band’, ‘Love You Till Tuesday’, ‘We Are Hungry Men’, and ‘When I Live My Dream’.

‘Love You Till Tuesday’ was released as a single on 14 July 1967, as Deram DM 135. As with all of Bowie’s singles of this time, it failed to chart in the UK.

The new single ‘Love You Till Tuesday’ was released on July 14. It was the new version recorded on June 3, produced by Mike Vernon, engineered by Bill Price and the tape operator was Dave Grinstead. Mike and Dave also worked on the B-side ‘Did You Ever Have A Dream?’, but the engineer was Gus Dugeon and the arrangement was done by Bowie and Dek Fearnley.
Kenneth Pitt
The Pitt Report

Bowie appeared on the German TV show 4-3-2-1 Musik Für Junge Leute on 27 February 1968. During the appearance, which was first broadcast on 16 March, he sang ‘Love You Till Tuesday’ and ‘Did You Ever Have A Dream’, and mimed to ‘Please Mr Gravedigger’.

The original mono mix of ‘Did You Ever Have A Dream’ was included on the 2010 deluxe reissue of David Bowie, along with a previously-unreleased stereo version.

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