The Buddha Of Suburbia album coverWritten by: David Bowie
Recorded: 1993
Producers: David Bowie, David Richards

Released: 8 November 1993

Available on:
The Buddha Of Suburbia


David Bowie: vocals, guitar, synthesizer
Erdal Kızılçay: guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, synthesizer, drum programming
David Richards: drum programming

‘Dead Against It’ is the seventh track on David Bowie’s 1993 album The Buddha Of Suburbia.

The music harks back to the synth pop era of the early 1980s, a movement indebted to Bowie’s own work in the previous decade.

Bowie considered re-recording ‘Dead Against It’ during the 1.Outside and Earthling sessions, although no such reworking has ever been made public.

What I like about this music so far is its clusters of jewels that pop up during the improvisations. Also except when Brian asked for a Bo Diddley beat on something there have been no back-references to other artists or styles…

Intention – not carried out yet. To falsify a concert at a mythical venue and have it reviewed by a cooperative journo. This is strongly linked to an idea that I had while recording Buddha in August, which was to re-sample and reconstruct the ingredients on the 1976-79 Berlin albums that I produced with Visconti and create a fourth so-called ‘Lost Tapes’ album. An album, in short, that was never really made. I hope, tomorrow, that we can co-opt the track ‘Dead Against It’ from Buddha and transform it. I have done quite a few sketches and drawings so far. The one of Reeves I like best.

David Bowie, 3 March 1994

The single ‘Buddha Of Suburbia’ was released on 22 November 1993, two weeks after the album. 7″ vinyl and cassette singles were released by Arista/BMG in the UK, Germany and the Netherlands. All had ‘Dead Against It’ on the b-side.

A four-track CD single was also released in the UK, Germany and the Netherlands. It contained the songs ‘Buddha Of Suburbia’, ‘South Horizon’, ‘Dead Against It’, and ‘Buddha Of Suburbia’ (Rock Mix).

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