Single release: Sound And Vision

‘Sound And Vision’/‘A New Career In A New Town’ was the first single released from David Bowie’s 11th studio album Low. It was issued by RCA on 11 February 1977.

The single peaked at number three in the UK and Belgium, two in the Netherlands, six in Germany, and seven in New Zealand.

‘Sound And Vision’ fared less well in North America. It went no higher than number 69 on the US Billboard Hot 100, and 87 on the Canadian singles chart.

The success of ‘Sound And Vision’ was bolstered by the BBC’s decision to use it in programme trailers, its title – if not the lyrical themes – being well suited to the broadcast medium.

Later in 1977, RCA issued a 12″ promotional single featuring a remixed ‘Sound And Vision’ which segued into Iggy Pop’s ‘Sister Midnight’.

The album Low had already been released on 14 January 1977. Bowie undertook almost no promotion for the album or single.

It was received with caution when it came out. I didn’t expect otherwise. I certainly didn’t expect people to embrace it with open arms as the long lost ‘new language of music’. And I realise I might be alienating a lot of people that had maybe only recently got into the idea that I change from record to record. I’d gathered a whole lot of new people listening to me at the Young Americans stage which I was worried about because I hoped that they didn’t expect that, that was it – that I was going to continue from there and that’s what I was, so I knew I’d lose a few of them on the way.
David Bowie, December 1977
An Evening With David Bowie, RCA promotional album
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Album release: Low
Live: Iggy Pop, Civic Centre, Aylesbury
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