Live 89 – Maggie's Farm/Tin Machine single (Tin Machine)Written by: Bob Dylan
Recorded: 25 June 1989
Producers: Tin Machine

Released: September 1989


David Bowie: vocals, guitar
Reeves Gabrels, Kevin Armstrong: guitar
Tony Sales: bass guitar, vocals
Hunt Sales: drums, vocals

Tin Machine released a live version of Bob Dylan’s ‘Maggie’s Farm’ as a single in September 1989.

The song originally appeared on Dylan’s 1965 album Bringing It All Back Home. It was recorded in just one take on 15 January 1965.

In the 1980s it was adopted in the UK as a protest song against prime minister Margaret Thatcher, whose politics David Bowie had previously criticised on ‘’87 And Cry’.

The release

Tin Machine released a double a-side single in September 1989. It contained ‘Tin Machine’ and the live version of ‘Maggie’s Farm’.

The single was issued in three formats. The 7″ vinyl contained the two songs, while a 12″ version added a live recording of ‘I Can’t Read’.

The CD single contained ‘Tin Machine’, ‘Maggie’s Farm’ (live), ‘I Can’t Read’ (live), and ‘Bus Stop’ (live). The live versions on each format were all recorded at the band’s show at La Cigale in Paris on 25 June 1989.

A promotional video contained footage from Tin Machine’s Amsterdam show on 24 June.

The single was not a commercial success, peaking at number 48 on the UK singles chart.

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