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Live: David Bowie and Hype, Jesus College, Cambridge

David Bowie performed at the May Ball at Jesus College, Cambridge, on 16 June 1970.

They were on a bill with Deep Purple, Black Widow, and The Move.

There was a lull in Bowie’s activities after the completion of The Man Who Sold The World. This was in part due to his parting from former manager Kenneth Pitt, from whom he had severed tied in May 1970.

As had been agreed, I took no more engagements for David Bowie and the Hype and the only three remaining to be carried out were: one for the Stockport Schools Union at the Poco Club, Stockport on April 27, the postponed one for the Penthouse, Scarborough on May 21 and one for the Jesus College May Ball at Cambridge University on June 16.
Kenneth Pitt
The Pitt Report
Last updated: 31 March 2023
Single release: Memory Of A Free Festival
Live: Queensead Recreation Ground, Bromley
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