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Live: The Konrads, Bromley Tech – David Bowie’s first live performance

David Bowie’s first live performance with a band took place on Saturday 16 June 1962.

He had joined The Konrads earlier in the month as their saxophone player, having taken up the instrument earlier in the year.

He had performed in public on a handful of prior occasions, in choirs and around a campfire on holiday on the Isle of Wight. This, however, was his first scheduled and publicised show.

The Konrads’ line-up changed often. Bowie sang occasionally with the group before leaving them in the summer of 1963.

The day’s performance was part of Bromley Technical High School’s PTA (parent-teacher association) fête, which took place on the front steps of the school.

The Konrads were added to the bill at Bowie’s request by music teacher Brian Lee. On the day, however, the band overran their allotted time and the power was cut by Lane, forcing an end to their set.

The following Friday’s edition of The Kentish Times carried a report on the day, headlined “Nearly 4,000 at School Fete”, which erroneously called the band The Conrads.

In a continental style cafe one could sip soft drinks while a group of young instrumentalists played music on guitars, saxophone and drums.
The Kentish Times, 22 June 1962
Last updated: 11 May 2022
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