Live: Poco a Poco, Stockport

David Bowie played a solo show at the Poco a Poco club in Stockport on 27 April 1970.

He shared a bill with Barclay James Harvest, High Tide, and The Purple Gang.

Bowie’s drummer Mick Woodmansey had injured a finger and was unable to play, so Bowie travelled to the show alone. He asked The Purple Gang to be his backing band for the night but they declined.

Poco a Poco opened as the Empress Cinema in 1939. From 1959 to 1968 it was the Empress Club, before changing to Poco a Poco. In 1983 it was rebranded Chesters, but was demolished in 1987 following a fire. The Hinds Head pub was built on the site later that year.

Last updated: 30 March 2023
Recording: The Man Who Sold The World
Recording: The Man Who Sold The World
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