Live: Starlite Ballroom, Greenford

David Bowie performed at the Starlite Ballroom in Greenford, Middlesex, on Saturday 3 December 1966.

Bowie had performed at the venue with the Buzz on 15 April, 27 August, and 1 October 1966. This was his first solo show after parting company with the band the previous night.

The venue was located on Allendale Road, and was run by promoter Peter Griffin who also looked after the Starlight Ballroom in Crawley.

The Starlite Ballroom was previously the Sudbury Town Odeon. In 1964 it was renamed, and acts including the Who, Pink Floyd, Cream, and the Moody Blues performed there.

It was eventually demolished, with the site redeveloped as a block of flats.

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