Live: Public Auditorium, Cleveland, Ohio

David Bowie and the Spiders From Mars performed at the Public Auditorium in Cleveland, Ohio on 25 November 1972.

It was the 77th date of the Ziggy Stardust Tour, which had begun on 29 January 1972.

This was the first of two consecutive nights at the Public Auditorium. The support act for both nights was Lindisfarne.

In the audience for this show was future Pretenders singer Chrissy Hynde, who met Bowie backstage prior to his performance.

Both of Bowie’s shows in Cleveland were recorded by radio station WMMS. His live solo acoustic performance of ‘Drive-In Saturday’ from this date was included on the bonus disc of the 30th anniversary reissue of Aladdin Sane.

This is the bit where all the people with the tape recorders have to leave, because I’m gonna do a new number and you mustn’t record it… I’ll tell you where we wrote this. We wrote this from Phoenix down to Seattle. No, see, it’s the other way around, isn’t it? From Seattle down to Phoenix, and it was about the future, and it’s about a future where people have forgotten how to make love, so they go back onto video-films that they have kept from this century. This is after a catastrophe of some kind, and some people are living on the streets and some people are living in domes, and they borrow from one another and try to learn how to pick up the pieces. And it’s called ‘Drive-In Saturday’.
David Bowie, 25 November 1972

Bowie returned to the Public Auditorium during the Diamond Dogs Tour on 18 and 19 June and 6 November 1974, and for the Isolar Tour on 27 and 28 February 1976.

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Single release: The Jean Genie
Live: Public Auditorium, Cleveland, Ohio
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