David Bowie signs management contract with Ralph Horton

In the summer of 1965 Ralph Horton began managing David Bowie and his band the Lower Third. The arrangement was formalised with a contract dated 25 November 1965.

The document was drawn up by Horton’s solicitor Roy Friedman, and was signed by Horton, Bowie, and the singer’s parents John and Peggy.

THIS AGREEMENT is made the 25th day of November One thousand nine hundred and sixty five BETWEEN RALPH JAMES HORTON of 79a Warwick Square London S.W.1. (hereinafter called “the Manager”) of the first part DAVID ROBERT JONES of 4 Plaistow Grove Bromley in the County of Kent (hereinafter called “the Artiste”) of the second part and HAYWOOD STENTON JONES and MARGARET MARY JONES (his wife) both of 4 Plaistow Grove Bromley in the County of Kent (hereinafter called “the Parents”) […]

THIS Agreement shall be construed in accordance with English Law and the parties hereby agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the English Courts

NOTHING herein contained shall constitute a partnership between the parties hereto

EITHER the Manager or the Artiste at any time during the last twelve months of this Agreement may renew and extend this agreement for the further period of two years from the 25th day of November, One thousand nine hundred and sixty eight on the same terms and conditions (excluding this option to renew and excluding any agreement by or with the Parents if the Artiste at the time of such renewal or extension shall no longer be an infant) as are herein contained

Last updated: 12 May 2022
Recording: The London Boys
Live: David Bowie and the Lower Third, Marquee Club, London
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