Interviews: Radio Hilversum, Radio Veronica

David Bowie gave interviews to Radio Hilversum and Radio Veronica on 26 August 1969.

The interviews took place at Media Park in Hilversum, the Netherlands.

The next day we were up early and off to Hilversum again, this time for David to be interviewed on Radio Hilversum and for Radio Veronica, the off-shore station. We were given lunch by Phonogram executive Herman Katz and then returned to the hotel intending to catch the 4 pm ’plane to London, but when Calvin and David were standing talking together Calvin turned to me and quietly asked me if it would be all right for David to remain with him in Amsterdam for a further night. I explained that David had a BBC broadcast on the 28th and as long as he was back in time for that it would be entirely up to him to decide if he wished to stay.

With a faint smile and equally quietly David said ‘I should like to stay.’ So I flew home alone, followed the next day by David who then went down to the Leas Cliff Hall, Folkestone for a BBC Radio One Club broadcast, produced by Aiden Day.

Kenneth Pitt
The Pitt Report

Bowie and Mercury Records’ Calvin Mark Lee returned to London on 27 August.

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