Television: Doebidoe

David Bowie and his manager Kenneth Pitt flew to the Netherlands on 25 August 1969 for an appearance on the TV show Doebidoe.

Bowie mimed to ‘Space Oddity’ on the show. The filming took place at Media Park in Hilversum.

We were met at Schipol Airport by Jan [Corduwener], who drove us to Hotel Ardina, Keizersgracht 268 and then to the television studio at Hilversum. For his part in Doebidoe David had to mime to his recording of Space Oddity. After a rehearsal run-through Jan and I were invited up to the control room by the director to watch the recording on the monitor. David was in position on a slightly raised dais and the director was ready to give his instructions, but there was a slight delay because someone had stepped on to the stage to talk to David. There was some excited conversation in Dutch, then the director turned to me and asked ‘Is that guy with you?’

I got up from my seat, looked through the glass panel down to the floor below, and saw, now walking away from David and out of camera, Calvin Mark Lee.

What Calvin was supposed to be doing for Mercury Records I never knew, but one thing was certain: his job provided him with a useful cover for his wooing of David, which went on relentlessly, without doubt sometimes encouraged by David, but often to his detriment.

Kenneth Pitt
The Pitt Report

Bowie was also interviewed by Jojanneke Claassen for PS newspaper. The edition of Doebidoe was broadcast on 30 August 1969.

While in Amsterdam Bowie and Pitt stayed at the Hotel Ardina.

Jojanneke then took David and me to Napoleon’s, a club that was well recommended, then the three of us walked slowly back to the hotel. David had so enjoyed Napoleon’s that when Jojanneke suggested going back there, in spite of the late hour, he readily agreed. There are times when three really are a crowd, so I opted for bed.
Kenneth Pitt
The Pitt Report

Bowie returned to London on 27 August.

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