Recording: Silly Boy Blue, I’m Waiting For The Man, Little Toy Soldier

David Bowie and the Buzz recorded three songs at Decca Studios on Wednesday 5 April 1967.

The songs were ‘Silly Boy Blue’, a version of the Velvet Undetground’s ‘I’m Waiting For The Man’, and new song ‘Little Toy Soldier’.

The session was assisted by studio engineer Gus Dudgeon, but took place without the knowledge of Bowie’s producer Mike Vernon or his manager Kenneth Pitt.

This was the third time Bowie recorded ‘Silly Boy Blue’, following an early attempt from August/September 1965, and the album version taped on 8 and 9 December 1966. Bowie recorded the song again in 2000 for the Toy album.

‘I’m Waiting For The Man’ first appeared on the debut Velvet Underground record, which was a key influence on Bowie at this time. ‘Little Toy Soldier’, although nominally a Bowie original, incorporated elements of the VU’s ‘Venus In Furs’, including sections of Lou Reed’s lyrics.

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