Live: The Konrads at Highcroft Hall Country Club, Crockenhill

The Konrads performed at Highcroft Hall Country Club in Crockenhill near Swanley, Kent, on Friday 5 April 1963.

The show took place from 9pm to midnight. This was not the first time the Konrads had performed at the venue, but the earlier date is unknown.

Letter to David Bowie booking the Konrads, April 1963

David Bowie (then David Jones) was contacted by the club to confirm the booking on 2 April.

Dear David,

If you would like honorary membership for your parents & relatives who were here last Friday we would be happy to let you have it for them. This is an appreciation of the low fee we have to pau you for playing here, but we cannot offer more at present.

Yours sincerely,


P.S. I think you are now putting over your playing & singing very much better than your first appearance here.

Flyer for the Konrads, April 1963

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