Live: David Bowie and the Lower Third, Marquee Club, London

David Bowie and the Lower Third performed for the eleventh time at London’s Marquee Club on Saturday 29 January 1966.

This was an afternoon performance. Bowie and the Lower Third are known to have performed at the Marquee Club on 11 occasions.

It was also Bowie’s final performance with the band. That evening they were due to play at the Bromel Club in Bromley. However, the Lower Third had become increasingly frustrated by Bowie being given sole billing at their shows, and manager Ralph Horton’s almost exclusive focus on the frontman.

On Saturday, 29 January 1966, we were to play two gigs: our usual afternoon Inecto Show at the Marquee and then on to the Bromel Club in Bromley for a special evening event. My dad came to see us at the Marquee that afternoon, which just so happened to be the time that things started to kick off.
Phil Lancaster
At The Birth Of Bowie

Although Bowie and the Lower Third travelled to Bromley that evening, a row with Horton over payment – he insisted the money was needed for expenses – led to the show’s cancellation. Although Bowie kept his distance from the argument, and wished for the concert to go ahead, it was all over between them. Bowie never again performed with the Lower Third.

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