The Manish Boys meet music publisher Dick James

Davie Jones and The Manish Boys attended a meeting with music publisher Dick James on Thursday 1 October 1964.

James ran the successful publishing company Dick James Music, which had the rights to songs by The Beatles, Billy J Kramer, Gerry and the Pacemakers, and other leading bands of the era. He was a co-founder of Northern Songs, which published John Lennon and McCartney’s songs, and had close ties to Beatles producer George Martin.

From 4 May 1964 until the end of the Sixties, Dick James Music was based at 71-75 New Oxford Street in central London.

James was keen to sign us and offered us a deal. But we really needed bookings and we weren’t convinced that signing to him would get us more work. It was probably a mistake to pass on it because no doubt we would have made more records with his help.
Woolf Byrne, saxophone
Any Day Now, Kevin Cann
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Live: Davie Jones and the Manish Boys, The Jolly Gardeners, London
Live: Davie Jones and the Manish Boys, Borehamwood
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