Glastonbury 2000 diary – part seven

David Bowie kept an eight-part diary in May and June 2000, ahead of his appearance at that year’s Glastonbury Festival. It was first published in Time Out magazine. Here is the seventh instalment.

What crap news! I had my production manager phone England yesterday to ascertain how late into the following morning we could play at Glastonbury only to find that if I dare cross the curfew mark the promoter will be fined twenty thousand pounds a MINUTE if, that is, we survive the probability of the plug being pulled at the bewitching hour. This means I have to drastically cut my set by something like twelve songs. What a hopeless task. We love everything!

OK, I’m afraid the lesser known things have to go first. ‘Always Crashing In The Same Car’ is the first victim. Shit.

I hate to waste the energy of a show-honed band so I’ve asked one and all if they would like to make an album immediately we get back to New York. All are in full agreement that they’d like that very much, so I’ve pulled together a selection of songs from a somewhat unusual reservoir and booked time in a studio. I still get really elated by the spontaneous event and cannot wait to sit in a claustrophobic space with seven other energetic people and sing till my tits drop off.

David Bowie

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