Glastonbury 2000 diary – part five

In May and June 2000, ahead of his appearance at that year’s Glastonbury Festival, David Bowie kept an eight-part diary which was published in Time Out magazine. Here is the fifth instalment.

It has just occurred to me that I don’t know how long I’m expected to play at the festival. A quick look through the contract stipulates a minimum of ninety minutes. No worries then. I found out for the first time that one of my back-up singers, Little Em, plays a mean clarinet. Not to be outdone, my bass player Gail Ann magically produces her own liquorice stick and I struggle to think of a song that can best show off their blowing abilities.

The amazingly monumental Jeff Koons’ ‘Puppy’ is on show here in New York. A lovely big flowered job right there in the street. It fills everyone with delight and champions the idea of summer bliss in the grooviest way. I love it to death!

It’s our wedding anniversary today. After rehearsals, a quiet and fairly stress-free dinner in SoHo. Ten years together, eight of them married. My oh my.

David Bowie

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