Live: Iggy Pop, Plateau Hall, Montreal

Iggy Pop performed at Montreal’s Le Plateau Auditorium on 13 March 1977.

It was the seventh night of The Idiot Tour, for which David Bowie played keyboards. The tour opened in Aylesbury on 1 March 1977.

The setlist

  • ‘Raw Power’
  • ‘TV Eye’
  • ‘Dirt’
  • ‘1969’
  • ‘Turn Blue’
  • ‘Funtime’
  • ‘Gimme Danger’
  • ‘No Fun’
  • ‘Sister Midnight’
  • ‘I Need Somebody’
  • ‘Search And Destroy’
  • ‘I Wanna Be Your Dog’
  • ‘Tonight’
  • ‘Some Weird Sin’
  • ‘China Girl’
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