David Bowie signs music publishing deal with Chrysalis

David Bowie signed a publishing deal with Chrysalis on Friday 23 October 1970.

The deal came about after Bowie’s previous contract with Essex Music expired. Bowie was signed to Chrysalis by the organisation’s London manager Bob Grace.

Bowie’s deal was for £5,000, 20% of which went to Gem Management, the management company run by Tony Defries and Laurence Myers.

With new management and publishing deals in place, and a third album recorded and ready for release, Bowie’s prospects were looking good. All he needed were breakthrough hits. But those would elude him for more than 18 months, until the game-changing success of ‘Starman’.

Last updated: 31 March 2023
Live: Rock With Shelter, Southend-on-Sea
US album release: The Man Who Sold The World
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