1. Outside album coverWritten by: David Bowie, Brian Eno, Reeves Gabrels, Mike Garson, Erdal Kızılçay, Sterling Campbell
Recorded: May 1994 – February 1995
Producers: David Bowie, Brian Eno, David Richards

Released: 25 September 1995

Available on:


David Bowie: vocals, keyboards, synthesizer, treatments
Brian Eno: keyboards, synthesizer, treatments
Reeves Gabrels: guitar
Erdal Kızılçay: bass guitar, keyboards
Mike Garson: piano
Sterling Campbell: drums

The first of two Nathan Adler-narrated segues on David Bowie’s 1.Outside was a studio improvisation.

In the Outside story, Adler was the main character, a fictional detective who works as detective for Art-Crime Inc. He and his assistant Paddy are on the trail of a mysterious artist/murderer known as The Minotaur.

There are three main suspects in the murder and dismemberment of 14-year-old Baby Grace Blue: Leon Blank, a former convict and outsider; Ramona A Stone, Blank’s former lover, who may also have been in a relationship with Adler; and Algeria Touchshriek, a septuagenarian man who portrays himself – perhaps falsely – as lonely and frail.


Old Touchshriek was the main name server suspected of being a shoulder surfer. But he didn’t know from shit about challenge response systems.

Now, Ramona A Stone we know was selling interest drugs. She got males all hung up on her mind filters. She was, if you don’t mind me saying so, an update demon.

Now Leon he couldn’t wait for 12 o’clock midnight. He jumps up on the stage with a criss criss machete and slashes around cutting a zero on everything. I mean a zero in the fabric of time itself.

Was this a suspect?

I says to myself: “Whoa! Quelle courage!”

Oh wait, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Let me take you back to when it all began…

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