Earthling In The City EP coverRecorded: 1996, 1997

Released: November 1997


The six-song Earthling In The City EP was a compact disc given away with the November 1997 US edition of GQ magazine.

The EP contained two live performances unavailable elsewhere, of ‘Little Wonder’ and ‘The Hearts Filthy Lesson’ recorded at David Bowie’s 50th birthday concert in New York City on 9 January 1997.

The other four tracks had been previously released on singles taken from the Earthling album. Bowie’s live version of ‘Pallas Athena’ was from Amsterdam on 10 June 1997, while the Mandarin-vocal version ‘Seven Years In Tibet’, with lyrics translated by Lin Xi, had been issued as a chart-topping single in Hong Kong in June 1997.

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