Live: Municipal Auditorium, Kansas City

David Bowie performed at the Municipal Auditorium in Kansas City, Missouri, on 15 April 1978, as part of the Isolar II Tour.

It was the 13th date of the tour, which began on 29 March in San Diego. This was Bowie’s only show in Baton Rouge.

His guitarists were Carlos Alomar and Adrian Belew. Simon House was on electric violin, Sean Mayes played piano, and Roger Powell was on keyboards and synthesizers. George Murray played bass guitar and Dennis Davis was on drums.

Kansas City: an impressive airport with three huge circular terminals like space stations with planes nosing up to them. We drove in through a depressing industrial area to a luxurious modern hotel. The lobby featured a ‘spectacular waterfall and indoor hillside garden’ (according to the brochure).

Diary Notes:

Good gig though D a bit distracted first half.

After ‘Rebel Rebel’ we ran off-stage, piled into the limos and swung out of the car park before the 15,000 were moving. Back at the hotel there were other limousines unloading a party of revellers in tuxedos and long, expensive gowns. We stood about in our damp stage gear while Ron handed out our bags and bottles of booze from the gig. I then had to cross an acre of busy lobby in make-up, sweat and a silver plastic waistcoat (no shirt) with a large bag slung over one shoulder and a bottle of bourbon in my hand.

Sean Mayes
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