Live: Nagoya-shi Kōkaidō, Nagoya

David Bowie and the Spiders From Mars performed at the Nagoya-shi Kōkaidō (名古屋市公会堂) in Nagoya, Japan, on 12 April 1973.

It was the 106th date of the Ziggy Stardust Tour, which had begun on 29 January 1972.

The show was under-attended, with around half of the 2,000 tickets unsold. Bowie’s management company MainMan was contractually protected for the loss, which was shouldered by promoter Toa Attractions.

Nagoya went smoothly and strictly in accordance with the TOA Attractions Inc. published plan of action. We were collected and transported as decreed, and the gig was another sensation. The next day was a travelling day and it was to be approximately a five hour journey to Hiroshima. In fact, there was nothing approximate about it – it was to be exactly a forty-eight minute car journey to the station, and exactly a four hours and thirty-seven minute train ride to Hiroshima. We have the itinerary memo to prove it don’t we?
John ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson
Bowie & Hutch

The setlist

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