Although it was still unfinished, a six-hour mixing session for the completed Hunky Dory tracks took place on 18 July 1971.

This was for BOWPROMO, a promotional album created by David Bowie’s then-manager Tony Defries in August 1971, in an attempt to secure record deals for Bowie and fellow singer Dana Gillespie. The album featured seven early mixes of songs recorded for Hunky Dory on side A, and five recordings by Gillespie on the other.

Bowie was present for part of the session. More followed on 21, 22, 24, and 26 July, after which BOWPROMO was pressed.

He also attended a full band rehearsal near London’s Victoria Station, ahead of live shows in the capital.

At the rehearsals, Bowie was introduced by Chrysalis Music’s Bob Grace to the Aylesbury band Chameleon. Bowie gave them a demo of the song ‘Star’, with a view to them recording it.

Last updated: 5 April 2023
Recording: Quicksand
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