Television: Six-O-One Newsday

David Bowie filmed an appearance on the Granada TV show Six-O-One Newsday on Monday 18 January 1971.

Bowie performed his new single ‘Holy Holy’, accompanying himself on acoustic guitar. For the appearance he wore a dress designed by Mr Fish.

The shoot took place at Granada’s Manchester studios. While there Bowie spoke to television producer Roger Damon Price, who told him about a children’s sci-fi series he was working on called The Tomorrow People.

The original series ran on the UK’s ITV network from 1973 to 1979. The show was about the emergence of the next evolutionary stage of humans, the Tomorrow People. In the show they were referred to as both Homo Novis and Homo superior.

At 4am the morning after his Granada appearance, Bowie woke up with a new melody in his head, and the line “Got to make way for the Homo superior”, which he incorporated into the new song ‘Oh! You Pretty Things’.

Last updated: 3 April 2023
UK single release: Holy Holy
Recording: Oh! You Pretty Things
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