Recording: Memory Of A Free Festival, The Supermen

23 March 1970 saw the third recording session for the remake of David Bowie’s ‘Memory Of A Free Festival’.

This was for a future single release, which spread the song over both sides of the 7″ disc. The session took place at London’s Trident Studios with Tony Visconti producing.

Also on this day a new song, ‘The Supermen‘, was started. The song appeared on Bowie’s third album The Man Who Sold The World. The session began at 11am and ended the following morning at 3am.

This was drummer John Cambridge’s final recording session with Bowie. He played with Hype until 30 March, and he was finally let go on 6 April.

Recording for ‘Memory Of A Free Festival’ took place on 21, 22, and 23 March, and 2 and 3 April, with mixing and editing sessions following on 4, 14, and 15 April.

Memory Of A Free Festival single – United Kingdom

‘Memory Of A Free Festival’ was released in Europe on . Bowie promoted it with appearances on the UK television show Six-O-One, and on the Dutch programme Eddy, Ready, Go!. Despite these efforts, however, it was not a commercial success.

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Recording: Memory Of A Free Festival
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