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Live: David Bowie and Hype, University of Hull

David Bowie and Hype performed at the West Refectory at Hull University in Kingston upon Hull, England, on 6 March 1970.

They went to the University of Hull on the 6th and because of the local interest occasioned by ex-Rats John Cambridge and Mick Ronson, the Students’ Union secretary Alison Vaughan agreed to pay 100% of the door receipts up to a maximum of one-hundred-and-fifty-pounds, but they earned nothing beyond the minimum guarantee of one-hundred-and-twenty-five. David and Angela stayed at the home of John Cambridge’s parents, and John remembers his father coming to him and crying ‘He’s smoking me cigs!’
Kenneth Pitt
The Pitt Report

The members of Hype were Mick Ronson on guitar, Tony Visconti on bass, and John Cambridge on drums. They were joined for this gig by Benny Marshall, a former member of Ronson and Cambridge’s former band The Rats, who played harmonica on a live version of ‘Unwashed And Somewhat Slightly Dazed’.

Last updated: 28 March 2023
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