Live: Marquee Club, London

David Bowie performed at London’s Marquee Club on 3 February 1970.

His backing band was guitarist Tim Renwick, bassist Tony Visconti, and drummer John Cambridge.

Renwick and Cambridge were members of Junior’s Eyes, who were also on the bill, as were Timebox. This was Junior’s Eyes’ final show.

After the show Bowie and the other musicians went to a nearby club, La Chasse, at 100 Wardour Street, and afterwards went back to Haddon Hall in Beckenham, where Bowie, Visconti, and Cambridge all lived.

David, myself, John and Tim played the Marquee Club; Junior’s Eyes were the support band – a strange turn of events as John drummed for both. Junior’s Eyes disbanded after the gig and John became our official drummer. He moved into Haddon Hall, the first lodger to sleep in the creepy gallery. David briefly named us as Harry The Butcher.
Tony Visconti
Bowie, Bolan and the Brooklyn Boy

In the audience at the Marquee, and joining them afterwards, was guitarist Mick Ronson, a friend of John Cambridge. Bowie and Ronson became friends and agreed to work together.

Although David was to receive 60% of the gross takings it was not a good night for him financially. Only 129 people came paying £60.4s.0d. David’s share was £34.4s.0d, of which Junior’s Eyes received half, Tony Visconti £7 for playing bass, a van driver got £6 and the Marquee-Martin Agency a booking fee of £1.16s.0d. All David took home with him that night was Mick Ronson.
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