Recording: Memory Of A Free Festival

David Bowie finished recording the album version of ‘Memory Of A Free Festival’ on 9 September 1969.

The recording had been begun the previous day. Both sessions took place at London’s Trident Studios, with Tony Visconti producing.

The finale was sung by Marc Bolan, BBC radio presenter Bob Harris, his wife Sue, their friend and future Sony executive Tony Woollcott, and an American woman known only as Girl.

We were all gathered around a microphone and Bolan was standing opposite me. As we were singing, for a laugh I encouraged Marc to copy some Temptations-style dance moves, like pointing at the sky and then the floor, along to the music.
John Cambridge, 2009
Any Day Now, Kevin Cann

The five singers were recorded several times by Visconti, until the appearance of a massed choir was sufficiently created.

David recognised me from an appearance I had made at the Roundhouse and he invited me to Beckenham, where he was living with Angie. I had no idea who he was, but was pleased that he liked my music. I hung out with David and Angie for about a month, jamming until dawn most nights. He then invited me to sing on ‘Memory Of A Free Festival’.
Any Day Now, Kevin Cann

The single re-recording was begun at Trident Studios on Saturday 21 March 1970, with work continuing over the following two days.

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Recording: Memory Of A Free Festival
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