Reality album coverWritten by: Ray Davies
Recorded: January – May 2003
Producers: David Bowie, Tony Visconti

Released: 10 November 2003

Available on:
Reality (Tour Edition)


David Bowie: vocals, guitar, keyboards, synthesizer, Theremin
Earl Slick, David Torn: guitar
Mike Garson: keyboards
Mark Plati: bass guitar
Sterling Campbell: drums

David Bowie recorded a version of the Kinks’ 1967 classic ‘Waterloo Sunset’ in 2003.

Bowie had performed the song with its composer, Ray Davies, at the Tibet House Benefit concert on 28 February 2003.

We played ‘Waterloo Sunset’. We took a verse each, and a bridge, but we said, “How shall we do this?” After a long discussion, we decided we’d impersonate one another.
Ray Davies
David Bowie: A Life, Dylan Jones

A studio version was recorded shortly afterwards, during the Reality sessions in New York.

Bowie’s version of ‘Waterloo Sunset’ was initially released as a bonus track on the Japanese edition of Reality.

It was given a wider release on the ‘Never Get Old’ download single, and was later included on the Tour Edition of Reality.

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