You Belong In Rock N' Roll single (Tin Machine)Written by: Johnny Kidd (Frederick Albert Heath)
Recorded: 1 July 1989
Producers: Tin Machine, Tim Palmer

Released: 19 August 1991


David Bowie: vocals, guitar
Reeves Gabrels, Kevin Armstrong: guitar
Tony Sales: bass guitar, vocals
Hunt Sales: drums, vocals

Tin Machine performed a version of Johnny Kidd and the Pirates’ ‘Shakin’ All Over’ during their first tour in 1989.

The song originally reached number one in the UK in August 1960. In early 1965 a version by Chad Allen and the Expressions became a number one hit in Canada – the band was originally credited as “Guess Who?” in an attempt to hype the release, which prompted the band to change their name to The Guess Who.

Later in 1965, a version by Normie Rowe hit number one in Australia; his arrangement was based on a 1962 recording by Johnny Chester.

The Who performed ‘Shakin’ All Over’ from the tail end of the 1960s, reportedly after gig-goers mistakenly believed they were The Guess Who and repeatedly called out for the song. The Who performed the song at Woodstock in 1969, and a recording appears on their 1970 album Live At Leeds.

A recording from Tin Machine’s show at Newport Leisure Centre in Wales on 1 July 1989 was released on 19 August 1991, ahead of the Tin Machine II album, on the 12″ and CD1 versions of the ‘You Belong In Rock N’ Roll’ single.

‘Shakin’ All Over’ was released again on the Japanese CD single of ‘Baby Universal’.

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