The Width Of A Circle album cover (2021)Written by: David Bowie
Recorded: 1 February 1970

Released: 28 May 2021

Available on:
The Width Of A Circle


David Bowie: vocals, guitar

‘Columbine’ was written and recorded by David Bowie for the 1970 television special The Looking Glass Murders.

Also known as Pierrot In Turquoise, the show was filmed at Edinburgh’s Gateway Theatre on 1 February 1970. Bowie was offered a part by Lindsay Kemp, and in it he mimed to the new songs ‘Threepenny Pierrot’, ‘Columbine’, and ‘The Mirror’, plus two versions of ‘When I Live My Dream’.

The acoustic guitar intro and the ‘I see you see me’ refrain in ‘Columbine’ were recycled from 1969’s ‘Unwashed And Somewhat Slightly Dazed’.

The Looking Glass Murders was included in the DVD release of Love You Till Tuesday in 2005.

The five songs from the show, including ‘Columbine’, were released in May 2021 in the box set The Width Of A Circle.

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