Original press release

The press release for ‘hours…’ was issued to publications and broadcasters ahead of the album’s September 1999 release.

Although such texts are promotional and positive by nature, they can be useful for giving a contemporary perspective on a product before its release, and prior to a general opinion forming. The ‘hours…’ press release is doubly illuminating for containing quotations by David Bowie about the album, its inspirations and creation.

“The Biggest Music Star of the 20th Century”… The Sun
“Sixth Greatest Star of the Century”… Q magazine

In an extraordinary career that spans over thirty years, October 1999 will see the release of a brand new David Bowie studio album, entitled ‘hours…’

‘hours…’ will be David’s twenty-third solo album and marks a return to the sounds of the Hunky Dory days. Written solely with longtime collaborator Reeves Gabrels over the last year, ‘hours…’ could be described as one of David’s most autobiographical records to date. Tracks include the first single release, ‘Thursday’s Child’ and ‘Survive’ and ‘The Dreamers’. The themes of loss and regret throughout the album are likely to strike hearts universally. With such personal lyrics as: “sometimes I cry my heart to sleep…” David is evoking emotions recognisable to us all. This album deals more with real life as opposed to imagery and fantasy.

Musicians working on the album include Reeves Gabrels (guitars and programming) Mark Plati (bass) Mike Levesque (drums) and Chris Heskett (guest guitar). The album was produced by Bowie and Gabrels and mixed by Bowie, Gabrels and Plati.

Written and recorded in Bermuda, ‘hours…’ speaks from the point of view of an older guy taking stock of his life. Bowie says “I wanted to capture a kind of universal angst felt by many people of my age. You could say that I am attempting to write some songs for my generation”.

The Single – ‘Thursday’s Child’

“sometimes I cried my heart to sleep
shuffling days and lonesome nights
sometimes my courage fell to my feet”

The first single to be taken from the forthcoming album will be ‘Thursday’s Child’. This beautiful track was co-written by David with Reeves Gabrels and will be released on Monday 20th September on two cd singles and cassette format. All the single formats feature exclusive new recordings that will not be available on the album.

CD1 will feature the radio edit of ‘Thursday’s Child’ and two brand new songs ‘We All Go Through’ and ‘No One Calls’. CD2 will feature a rock mix of ‘Thursday’s Child’ and two brand new recordings ‘Shall We Go To Town’ and ‘1917’ plus interactive video element. The cassette single will feature the radio edit of ‘Thursday’s Child’ and ‘We All Go Through’ and ‘No One Calls’.

The Album – ‘hours…’

‘hours…’ will be released on Monday 4th October and will be available on four formats. A special limited edition version of the CD will include a unique lenticular hologram – there are limited quantities available of this version so please order early! (catalogue number CDVX2900). You will find a sample of the hologram enclosed.

The album will also be available on a standard CD, cassette and mini-disc formats.

David will be back in the UK in October – watch out for some special TV performances of ‘Thursday’s Child’.

It’s fitting that this outstanding album, ‘hours…’, is released as the century draws to a close, and more than thirty years after his debut…


‘hours…’ was reissued in September 2004 as a limited edition double CD set. The second disc contained numerous bonus tracks, most of which had previously been issued as single b-sides:

  • ‘Thursday’s Child’ (Rock Mix)
  • ‘Thursday’s Child’ (Omikron: The Nomad Soul Slower Version)
  • ‘Something In The Air’ (American Psycho Remix)
  • ‘Survive’ (Marius De Vries Mix)
  • ‘Seven’ (Demo Version)
  • ‘Seven’ (Marius De Vries Mix)
  • ‘Seven’ (Beck Mix #1)
  • ‘Seven’ (Beck Mix #2)
  • ‘The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell’ (Edit)
  • ‘The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell’ (Stigmata Film Version)
  • ‘The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell’ (Stigmata Film Only Version)
  • ‘New Angels Of Promise’ (Omikron: The Nomad Soul Version)
  • ‘The Dreamers’ (Omikron: The Nomad Soul Longer Version)
  • ‘1917’
  • ‘We Shall Go To Town’
  • ‘We All Go Through’
  • ‘No One Calls’

‘hours…’ received its first official vinyl released in 2015. In the US it was reissued by Friday Music on translucent blue vinyl.

In Europe there were three variants, all issued by Music On Vinyl in collaboration with ISO Records and Columbia. Versions on mint green vinyl and blue/purple marbled vinyl were each limited to 2,500 copies, and there was also standard black vinyl edition. These copies came with a 20-page booklet. None of the vinyl reissues contained bonus recordings.