Recording: Holy Holy

David Bowie began recording the single version of ‘Holy Holy’ on 9 November 1970.

Unlike the recently-completed The Man Who Sold The World album, Bowie elected not to use Hype as his backing band. Instead, ‘Holy Holy’ featured musicians from the band Blue Mink: producer and bassist Herbie Flowers, guitarist Alan Parker, and drummer Barry Morgan.

David was quick. He’d have a couple of takes and that was it, it was spot on. Even his vocals. He got it right every time. Bolan was the same. They run through one take, then another take for luck; then you go on to the next song. David asked me to produce a song called ‘Holy Holy’ and I made a complete and utter ass of myself. When I got out of the studio, I was shaking like a leaf. How dare I take up their time by pretending I knew what they were doing?
Herbie Flowers
David Bowie: Ultimate Record Collection (Uncut)

The sessions for ‘Holy Holy’ continued on 13 and 16 November. All three sessions took place at Island Studios in London’s Notting Hill. The single was released in the UK on 15 January 1971.

Bowie re-recorded the song during the Ziggy Stardust sessions in 1971.

Holy Holy single – United Kingdom

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US album release: The Man Who Sold The World
Recording: Holy Holy
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