Radio: 3XY Melbourne

David Bowie gave an interview to the radio station 3XY Melbourne on 22 October 1969.

The interview was by the station’s Bill Gates. It took place at 39 Manchester Street, London, the home of Bowie’s manager Kenneth Pitt.

David had an appointment with the Australian disc-jockey Bill Gates to record an interview for radio station 3XY Melbourne. I had so much enjoyed my two visits to Australia, where my contacts were strong, my friends and relations numerous, that I was looking forward to the time when David was certain to go there. This meeting with Bill Gates was the first step in that direction. While the taped interview was going on I worked in my adjoining study, hoping that the telephone wouldn’t ring, but of course it did. I quickly grabbed the handset and took a call from someone who said that he was a drummer with a band. It had an album on release, produced by Jonathan King, and was now in need of a manager. Would I be interested?

I agreed to go to Dorking the next day, where the band would be rehearsing. Before we rang off the drummer said ‘Oh, by the way. We call ourselves Genesis.’

Kenneth Pitt
The Pitt Report
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