Live: Festival Internazionale del Disco, Italy

The Festival Internazionale del Disco in Montecatini Terme, Tuscany, Italy, ended on 2 August 1969.

The festival took place at the Hotel Reale, where the 17 competitors also stayed. The previous evening Bowie had sung ‘When I Live My Dream’ over his own backing tape, and at the closing ceremony on this night he was given a special award for the best-produced record.

Before we left for home Francesco Figueras, the Spanish delegate, motioned me aside and told me that he and the other delegates were of the opinion that David should receive an award in recognition of his contribution to the success of the festivals. He had impressed them all with his friendliness, his willingness to be helpful and his undoubted artistry. It was suggested that a special category be created, that of the Best Produced Record, and the unanimous opinion was that the prize should go to David for his recording ‘When I Live My Dream’, without any doubt at all the best produced record at the festivals. Of course I concurred, and David won the trophy that a few days later was to feature so poignantly in his life.
Kenneth Pitt
The Pitt Report

Bowie and his manager Kenneth Pitt flew back to London on Sunday 3 August.

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Live: Festival Internazionale del Disco, Italy
Travel: Tuscany to London
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