Live: Malta International Song Festival

David Bowie took part in the three-day Malta International Song Festival from 26-28 July 1969.

There were two nights of performances. This second one was Malta Night, in which the 17 contestants all had to perform a rendition of a local song with their own lyrics. Bowie’s, which was never again performed, was titled ‘No-One Someone’.

Such festivals were not in the tradition of British singers and we attached little importance to them. They were usually dominated by big-voiced ladies who seemed to spend their professional lives on the festival circuit. To win first prize at one would mean a lot to them back home and ensure their inclusion in a string of future festivals. It was self-perpetuating. But David had not come to compete with others and to win a prize, but for the sun and fun.
Kenneth Pitt
The Pitt Report

Two days after the festival ended, Bowie and his manager travelled to Tuscany, where Bowie took part in the Festival Internazionale del Disco. They flew back to London on 3 August 1969.

Last updated: 22 March 2023
Live: Malta International Song Festival
Live: Malta International Song Festival
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