Filming: Love You Till Tuesday

The filming of David Bowie’s Love You Till Tuesday began on London’s Hampstead Heath on 26 January 1969.

The 28-minute promotional film was intended to showcase Bowie’s talents, and included his Feathers bandmates Hermione Farthingale and John ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson.

On this first day Bowie filmed a sequence soundtracked by ‘When I Live My Dream’, which also included appearances from Farthingale and Hutchinson.

The filming dates for Love You Till Tuesday were 26 January and 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 February 1969. It was directed by Malcolm J Thomson.

The first day of shooting was on location at Hampstead Heath and it took place on January 26. A car had been sent to Clareville Grove to pick up Hermione and David at 7.30 am and on the way to Hampstead it collected me, then Hutch from where he was living at 57 Leicester Road, East Finchley. It was a bitterly cold day and when they were not needed for filming Hermione and David remained huddled up in the back of the car, but Hutch was interested in the proceedings and mingled with the film crew. The day’s work resulted in some delightful outdoor colour shots that achieved the ethereal quality Malcolm wished for as a background to the song ‘When I Live My Dream’.
Kenneth Pitt
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