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Recording: Love You Till Tuesday, When I Live My Dream

David Bowie had recorded ‘Love You Till Tuesday’ and ‘When I Live My Dream’ for his debut album on 25 February 1967. On 3 June he re-recorded both songs for potential single release.

The session took place at Decca’s studio number three in north London.

Love You Till Tuesday single – United Kingdom

The songs featured new string arrangements by Ivor Raymonde. ‘Love You Till Tuesday’ included an instrumental coda taken from ‘Hearts And Flowers’ by 19th Century Austro-Hungarian composer Alphons Czibulka.

We re-recorded ‘Love You Till Tuesday’, which we all thought was a potential hit single. We got Ivor Raymonde to do a string arrangement for that, an orchestration which made the record more acceptable to radio. That was the last [Bowie] record that got released by Decca. It was a record we thought should really do some damage chart-wise and it got close, but it was at that point Ken Pitt made a decision to go somewhere else, even though nothing happened to Bowie for a couple of years after that. That was when he started to rethink things.
Mike Vernon
David Bowie: Ultimate Record Collection (Uncut)

The ‘Love You Till Tuesday’ single was released in the UK on 14 July 1967, with ‘Did You Ever Have A Dream’ on the b-side. ‘When I Live My Dream’ was intended for release in October that year, but was eventually rejected by Decca. It was subsequently included as the closing song in the Love You Till Tuesday film (1969).

Last updated: 27 July 2022
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