David Bowie leaves the Manish Boys

Davie Jones, as he was then, played his final show with the Manish Boys at Bletchley on 24 April 1965.

A fortnight later, on 5 May 1965, the band’s keyboard player Bob Solly and saxophonist Paul Rodriguez visited producer Shel Talmy’s office on Dean Street in London’s Soho. They had been invited by Talmy to submit songs for consideration.

Upon their arrival, they found Davie Jones waiting in the reception area. Jones had also been invited to bring songs to Talmy.

During the encounter, Jones informed Solly and Rodriguez that he was leaving the Manish Boys.

The band continued for a short time without Jones, who joined the Lower Third shortly afterwards. Rodriguez and Solly wrote songs for Talmy for the rest of the year, being paid a weekly retainer despite none of their music being recorded,

Last updated: 11 May 2022
Live: Davie Jones and the Manish Boys, Bletchley
Radio: Turrie On The Go!
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